Achieve mission statement....Grow Profitable Revenue and improve client loyalty and satisfaction.

Design and implementation of the entire CERP Program. A program, when implemented effectively gives the CERP Executives the opportunity to develop meaningful and strategic long term personal relationships with a special set of your clients - some existing, some new, some with low or no market share and some with high market share of your products.

Design an executive/client selection matching process

Develop and assist in the delivery of the Executive Informational Seminars. These sessions are designed to deepen the knowledge of the CERP Executives on all aspects of your company as well as providing the information so that they can deliver a cohesive message regarding the company strategy and value proposition.

Develop and assist in delivering a similar seminar for the CERP Sales team. This seminar will focus more on the values of the CERP program and the benefits they will derive as well as what is expected of them as a member of the CERP team.

Develop and deliver, if necessary, a seminar focused on assisting the "non sales" executives i.e. comptrollers, attorneys, etc. to feel more comfortable while being on a "sales" call and assisting to "close" a sale

Develop a CERP Officer Data Base of Executive contacts

Develop a measurement and tracking system

Develop a recognition and motivation program to acknowledge the team's performance and encourage those who are falling short

Develop and deliver a "Client Benefit" list

Involve "Business to Business" strategy

Assist in building awareness - Website

Focus on Commitment vs. Involvement


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